Thank you for the excellent service! Companies, like Finley's, are virtually extinct these days. Your kindness towards an unknown customer is appreciated more than you know. We'll be a loyal customer for many years to come!!

— Diane

I highly recommend Finley Termite & Pest Control. For the past 3 years, they've done an excellent job at our 260,000 SF Data Center. From insects to armadillos, they handle them all!

— Mark, Sr Manager, Data Center Operations, Corporate Real Estate

The employees of Finley Termite & Pest Control have given me peace of mind for nearly 30 years. They help my home remain a place where I can feel calm and serene, free from terror and panic about bugs. Courtesy and kindness are constants within their professional ethic, as are promptness and reliability. I would recommend them without hesitation.

— A Bedford Homeowner

Thank you for the wonderful service provided to me when we moved into the DFW area. One of the neighbors had recommended your company and I am very pleased that she did. Your people arrived on time and were so courteous and helpful. Our problem was identified and corrected. Thanks for the excellent service!

— Stacy S.

When we entered our home on a Sunday in April to find a swarm of termites, my first thought was, I can't handle this. We swept the termites from the floor and disposed of them in a trash bag outside the garage - what a night.

Monday morning at 8:00 am sharp, I made a call to Finley Termite and Pest Control to have a lady answer and ask how she could help me. I was looking for a professional company who was reasonably priced and reliable, yet would understand the scene I witnessed in my dining room. I sounded like I was panicking when I described all the termites, but she reassured me it was OK and she could help. I asked if they could come out right now, but instead she confirmed an appointment for the following morning.

My appointment was at 9:00 am on Tuesday and wouldn't you know it, the service man (Jason) arrived right on time. He examined the area inside the dining room, as well as the common wall in the garage to confirm there were indeed TERMITES in the garage. He showed me dirt tube and told me he could treat my home and not to worry.

He was such a nice guy and very professional in the work he performed, as well as providing me valuable information on what to look for in the future. Jason was right there to guide us through every step of the way!

I wanted to send my thanks to Finley Termite and Pest Control for a job well done! First and foremost, we especially appreciate your concern for our termite issue and the customer service we received. Your dedication and excellent customer service has set your Company apart from others in Arlington.

— Bryant & Angela G., Arlington, TX

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